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Brass Scrap
Brass used in many plumbing and gas installations is a metal that is recycled Used in household plumbing including popular items such as your faucets and “under the sink” plumbing.
Since the discovery of the process of Aluminum from ore, this metal is the most commonly recycled item. Used in cans, wiring, building and cars for it is rust resistance and lightweight.
Electronic Scrap
Electronics have been a great contributor to landfills in the last century since these items where produced before effective recovery methods of materials have been created. Nott Recycling will purchase your used electronics except for CRT or tube TV’s. See the list below for some of the items we take in on a regular basis.
Steel and other ferrous metals
Ferrous metals includes any metal that is “magnetic” due to the iron content. This would include steel and cast iron. Pure nickel is magnetic but is considered a non-ferrous metal. Stainless Steel has iron alloyed into it but is also considered a non-ferrous metal.
Usage of copper began several millenniums due to its ease of use and large availability. Copper usually extracted from ore and refined to usable material. Copper has been recycled since it was first used for its properties and continues to contribute to today's modern world.

Nott Recycling is a 4th generation, family owned metal recycling center with deep ties to the Richmond community. We pay cash for scrap, buying commercial and residential metal recyclables in order to sort, clean and process items into inventory. This material is then responsibly recirculated for manufacturing purposes.

Bring us your scrap Metal!

Customers arriving on site, simply pull on to the red truck scale. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will waive you forward and assist in unloading material. After a quick visit with the guys up front, you drive away with cash in your pocket. Don’t forget to have an i.d. handy.

(Conveniently located between Chippenham Pkwy and Westover Hills Blvd.)


From drums to bins and roll-offs, we have the right container for your scrap metal needs. Once set up with the right container, we’ll schedule regular pick-ups providing, fresh empty containers to keep your operation running smoothly.

Nott Recycling, Inc, provides detailed report data supporting LEED programs.

Call Us at (804) 232-9882

Or Visit us at 5317 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23224

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We are open to the public:
Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
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