Nott Recycling has been a Richmond institution for over 100 years, dedicated to building strong relationships with customers, vendors and the community. Personalized service has been the hallmark of our family brand for over a century.

Nott Recycling pays competitive prices for your products, preventing thousands of pounds of unwanted metal from filling our landfills every month.

We welcome commercial and walk-in customers alike, offering numerous options for the purchase, sale, trade, reuse and recycling of scrap metal, machinery and batteries. Years of industry experience enables us to provide innovative recycling solutions on a daily basis.


Just come on by with your items. We will weight it and pay you out on the spot in most cases. When you arrive on site, just cross the big truck scale and wait before going on, we may take a big scale weight or pull you forward and start the sorting process so you can best the most money for your items.


Do you have a more regular flow and volume of scrap metal recyclables? No problem! We’ve got the right container to drop off that will fit your scrap metal recycling and the space you have on site. From drums to bins and roll-offs, we have the right container for your scrap metal needs.

Once we’ve set you up with the right container, we’ll help schedule either regular or on-call pick-ups of your scrap metal for recycling. We will bring you a fresh empty container to keep your work going seamlessly.

Waste Assessment

Not sure what you have? No problem! Nott Recycling has over 100 years of experience in scrap metal recycling and we’re here to help.

Find out how we can help turn your waste into renewable resources. Learn how we can save you money on waste hauling and earn you money when you keep valuable scrap metal out of the landfill and in the recycling stream.

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