List of products we buy

Products we buy, this list is not all inclusive

Copper pipe
Copper Fittings
Old piping
Insulated Wire
Aluminum BX Wire
Steel BX Wire
Insulated Aluminum
Cat5, Cat3, Cat6, Cat7
Brass Fittings
Brass Valves
Brass Plates
Pots and pans
Scrap radiators – auto, house
Scrap refrigerators
Scrap rims – steel, aluminum
Roof vents, roof metal
Screen doors / windows
Scrap siding – aluminum
Scrap sinks – stainless, cast iron, metal
Scrap starters / alternators
Soda cans
Scrap stainless steel – all – including sinks
Steel – all, cabinets, cans, hangers, beams, etc.
Scrap steel borings, turnings, stampings
Stoves-electric, gas, wood
Scrap stove tops
Scrap structural steel
Tanks alum, stainless, steel-cut in half or large holes
Scrap tin
Tobacco racks
Scrap tools hand, power-electric, gas, hydraulic
Scrap tractors farm, lawn, other
Transformers oil free
Scrap transmissions drained
Trucks & truck parts
Vacuum cleaners
Scrap washing machines dryers
Scrap water heaters
Scrap weed wackers no gasoline
Wheel rims-steel, aluminum
Wire-copper, alum, steel, triplex stripped / insulated
White goods-appliances
Wrought iron

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