I am coming to the scrap yard to deliver some items, how does it work?

If this is your first visit:

  • Turn off Midlothian Turnpike into our driveway
  • Drive across the big red truck scale and STOP at the sign
  • An attendant will waive to the correct location for unloading
  • Our employees will unload your items, do a basic sort and weight them per family of material (to expedite service, when you load you can presort the items)
  • An attendant will ask you for your ID and write you vehicle information
  • Once done, drive to the front of the building
  • Bring in your ID
  • Calculate your ticket and give you cash
You only need to have your picture taken once

Does Nott Recycling buy vehicles?

No we do not buy vehicles at this time. We do buy car parts as scrap metal. Please check the list of items we buy 

What do I need to drop in a transmission, engine, lawnmower and similar items?

All Fluids need to be removed prior to coming in here. We can not accept the items if they have fluids in them of any kind.

What do I need to do to sell scrap to you?

The State of Virginia requires you to present your ID at the time of the sell and make copies of the seller’s ID and record the vehicle information performing the sale.

Do you buy stolen materials?

NO! All materials sold to us must be from the original owner. We have partnered with the City of Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and other surrounding counties in not purchasing materials and holding suspect materials with seller’s information.

I was walking down the road and found a piece of railroad track, tie downs

Sorry we can not buy these items, they belong to the railroad company. We will only purchase it from the railroad company.

I found some wire stamped Virginia Power?

We will only buy this wire from Dominion Virginia Power?

I have an old refrigerator, A/C unit,…?

Yes we will take it, it cannot have any Freon in it. We will check at time of purchase for cut lines or a stamp for recovery performed.

Do you sell steel or other items in the yard?

We do not sell Steel, but have a limited amount of Stainless Steel in stock at varying times. You are welcome to come and look at items we have in our front are which imay contain some interesting items. No visitors are allowed in the storage area of the yard for safety consideration.

Somebody stole something from me what can I do?

contact local authorities to file a report. contact us with a description, picture of the missing item(s) and you also can place an alert on the following website http://scraptheftalert.com/ The more information and the better the pictures will assist us in helping you recover your item if it comes to our business. Another citizen tool which is great for the police departments to cross reference is https://reportit.leadsonline.com/.

Who is the cute looking one?

This is Copper who joined us in June 2015, he loves to play with his toys. I am very curious and friendly, sometimes a little too excited to see you. I may bring you my ball and drop it in front of you expecting you to play with me, just throw it and I will catch it. Don’t give it to me! He is nice as long as one of our employees are around!

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The best pacifier in the world


Now that is a ball!

Leo and Spirit are on eternal patrols outside at night.

Leo Nott

Leo Passed away in 2014


Spirit Passed away in 2014