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In 1887, Frank H. Nott was founded in Richmond, VA. Growing from a single person to a 3Nott Recycling in the 1940's shift operation. Originally located on Brook Road in Richmond, VA, the company continue to grow while serving the general public, many commercial and industrial accounts to handle all of their scrap metal needs and preventing the landfilling of many materials.

Over the years the company developed and used many processes to improve recovery of materials, be more environmentally friendly and providing a great service to its customers. Over the years the company continued to grow and provide products for a variety of needs such when the company drove to collect extra scrap metals to help feed the manufacturing effort throughout WWI and WWII, the transition from the wartime economies to convert materials for civilian uses. All the while retaining as part of its core values a spirit of giving and support local charities.

After 3 generations of Nott’s running the company, in 1991 the original Frank H Nott company was sold to an outside corporation. Most of the family and staff remained with company for several years to help in the transition to the new management team.

In 1999 David Nott established Nott Recycling, Inc at its current location, 5317 Old Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, starting as a small retail location and once again growing.

Today, our staff has in excess of 100 years of experience and can help provide the solution to recovering some of your investment, maximizing recovery, reducing landfilling and providing renumeration for your items

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